Monday, June 28, 2010

Tour de Queens

So I just went and took a look at this bike tour called The Tour De Queens. It's a 20 mile bike tour around Queens. It's on July 11th. I'll have to check and see if my sister will be back home on that day or not but if she is, I might actually be able to make this one work. My aunt will be here and I'm sure if I ask her nicely she would be willing to help me with the boys.
The only trouble is that it's in Queens. Not easy to get to but not awful.
Want to know the level of my weirdness? I just went and not only mapped it (I'd have to take the bike up 6th avenue to Broadway to get to the 7 train) but I'm now looking at the train station I'd have to get off at in queens to see how many stairs, how steep, how narrow. Lugging my 40 pound bike isn't an easy task. I need to pick my battles carefully!
I'd have to get off at the Mets Willets station in Queens which is an elevated station.
Look! It has it's own Wiki page!  
It seems there is a ramp or something which is good. I'm unclear as to where it leaves me off but I'm sure I can figure it out and I'm guessing that I wouldn't be alone getting off the train at that stop.
It would be a lot of fun to do. I've not really explored Queens all that much.
I'll have to talk to my sister...

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