Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm hoping he doesn't read this blog because if he does, he's gonna be PISSED when he sees this...
I lost his swimming rash guard shirt. I can't find it anywhere at all and I've looked ALLLLLL over the place for it.
I mean ALL over.
It ain't nowhere.
Rather then tell him the truth and allow it to color and upset his vacation, I did what any normal rational human does. I ran to EBAY and ordered a new one for $40.
I will DIE if it doesn't arrive in time. Do you hear me? DIE...It went to the post office yesterday so it shipped out today.
It has till Friday to get here or I will have to confess that I screwed up and he doesn't have a shirt to swim in. I can't tell you how poorly this will go over.
Anxiety when I check the mail! Wheeeeeeeeeeee
Fun, fun times...
How in the hell do you lose a 3XL Rash Guard?
Only me folks.
Oh and on another good I need the stars to align for me note: I went and packed all his shorts and shipped them down. I was apparently supposed to leave one pair out and put them in my bag just in case.
I forgot.
So, now I really need Disney to have a room available for us at the time we arrive so we can unpack the boxes and he can change.
If we do not have an available room, he's going to be stuck in Hollywood Studios in 91 degree heat in jeans...

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