Monday, June 21, 2010

Okay then

Today actually turned out to be rather decent. Even so I have my headphones on and I'm blasting Alice Cooper at levels that I can't be healthy for my hearing.

Thanks to a good friend I've been turned onto this great playground/water park here in Hoboken. She was there today and texted me. I picked up the kiddos and we headed over. The boys had a BLAST.
I of course got sunburned. Tomorrow I'll slather on the SPF 20000.

On the way home we stopped and got a bunch of water guns and I'll take them to boot camp with me tomorrow and then we will go straight to the park from there.

On Saturday at Boot Camp Patrick took a flying leap for a hanging ring and totally missed. Completely wiped out and it must have hurt.
Rather than sacrifice my workout I snatched him up and he hung onto me like a baby monkey and I did a set of 20 squats with him. By the end I was dying but he was giggling like a fool.
Then Brian wanted in on the game so I did 10 with him. Patrick weighs 60 pounds and Brian is 50 pounds.
I'm seeing a whole lot of this style squats and this kind of a workout in my future with the boys at Boot Camp with me for the summer.

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