Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Full Day Of Fun...

Today was the first Boot Camp that I took the boys to. I had my fingers crossed that they would behave and not force me back to the 5:50am class.
As it turns out, one of my favorite of Patrick's friends was there. A little gal named Sophia.
Sophia rocked to the top of my heart chart two years ago when she was a classmate of Patrick. Something happened on the playground and she declared "Patrick plays too rough" and that was it. She wouldn't even look at him for the rest of the year.
Sometime in the middle of this past school year she decided he was ready to be a playmate and was grated a reprieve.
Sophia has never been to Boot Camp and so when Dave went to give her a high five she gave him this look of disdain and walked right by him.
Love that gal. Seriously.

All the kids were good and we will try again tomorrow.

After Boot Camp we went to the Water Park again. On the way there, I told the boys that we should stop and get snacks and drinks. No, no stopping, no snacks, no drinks. Not hungry or thirsty.
I made it crystal clear that once we got into the park, there was no water, and no snacks.
Of course, they were both starving and thirsty. No shade to be had, I pulled out my umbrella to make some shade.
Bad move mommy.
Lion shot over like a rocket demanding the umbrella. Hysterics ensued.
I finally got him back to playing and Patrick slipped and slammed his head off the metal climbing area.
Time to pack it up and head home.
Tomorrow will be better I'm sure!

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