Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tomorrow night

So tomorrow night Mike has gotten us into a luxury box at Madison Square Garden for a sold out concert.
I'm guessing this sort of an event is one that I should be more excited for but the acts we are going to see couldn't be more removed from the music I'm into or the crowd that I'm used to.
It's Jill Scott with Maxwell opening.
Now don't get me wrong. I can totally groove to Jill Scott and like one or two of her songs and her dreamy funky vibe but I'm not so sure I can handle an entire concert. However she's a big woman who makes it look beautiful and she has at least two songs that I really like so I'm okay.
Here are the two songs:

I also don't even know who in the hell Maxwell is or what he does or doesn't do. However, according to Mike's co workers I'm going to be creaming and throwing myself bare breasted against the glass to get to him. He be dat smooth.
I went back to YouTube and did a search.
Uhm...yeah. Not so much.

Of course I always joke that the men that find me attractive are all black men who like the big boobs and big butt so there's that...Hopefully if nothing else tomorrow night will be an ego boost...

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