Monday, June 14, 2010


Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided. - Mae West

A friend shared a very cool workout achievement on Facebook and I let her know how amazing it was and how proud I sincerely am of her.
Another friend asked what her goal is and she replied "To be a European Supermodel." Totally in jest of course.
 I replied that I was going more for Mae West myself.
It's a little known fact that I adore Mae West. She was WAY ahead of her time and she's got all the sauce and sass that I long to have and her self confidence is to be envied.
She was all of 5'1" so she and I weren't far off in height.
However her measurements...I long for them.
In 1933 according to her dressmaker she was 36 26 36. Not bad for a 40 year old dame!
I'll catch up to you Mae. When I do maybe I'll even cut my hair like yours!

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