Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now it's time to say goodbye...

Today is PJ's graduation and tomorrow it's Lion's. We are done with the full school day after today and Thursday Friday and Monday are half days and then it's summer break.
Next year the boys will both be going to a new school. A different building with new faces and new classrooms.
I am feeling particularly weepy this morning and feeling super sad at the ending of this chapter. We've been at Brandt school for 3 years now. Patrick was still in diapers when we first stepped foot in the school and I think he even had a Binkey still! Three years with two kids one on the special needs spectrum means I've had more interaction with school staff than most parents have.
I've developed relationships with many of the teachers and staff. It's not a huge deal on the grand scheme but when a teacher who never had your child in a classroom remembers your kids name and greets him in the hall every day with a hug and a smile, that's something special.
I will truly miss everyone at that school and while I know my boys might not remember I will never forget.

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