Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'd made a promise to myself that when both boys were out of diapers, I'd go and get my acrylic tips put back on. I had them done right before we left for Disney.
No, the photo above isn't my hand.
These are mine:

I've had tips on and off since I was about 15. This pink has always been one of my favorite colors but my signature used to be long, super talon long fire engine red nails:
I also used to be heavy into nail art.  I would always have something airbrushed on my two ring fingers.
Today my friend at school remarked how she didn't peg me for the girly nail type of gal and she's completely right. I'm so not. Truth be told I HATE having my nails done but I love the way they look at the end. I don't wear jewelery, never have my hair done, don't carry fancy brand name purses or go in for heels with expensive designers. A long time ago I said "The rest of me can be a total mess, but if my nails look good, I feel great" and it's true.
I'm not a girly girl but this is my one indulgence. My one way to pamper myself and a feeble attempt at being feminine...

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