Friday, February 12, 2010

moments I don't want to forget

Lion came out of the bedroom this morning looking sad and calling for me. I was busy making brownies so I glanced at him
"Waddya need sweetpea"?
"PJ" and he pointed at his forehead
Of course I thought this meant PJ and walloped his brother in the dome for messing with his video game so I barked at him
"PJ, did you hit your little brother?"
"NO! I swear I didn't hit him"
I looked at Lion again
"PJ. Wipes"
"Wipes Mommy"
"Okay, whatever they are on the couch"
and I went back to making brownies.
Curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to follow Lion and see what was up.
"Here, PJ I clean you"
and he walked over to his big brother and gently wiped PJ's forehead which I guess had some foreign matter on it.
"There you go. All better"

Moments like that one I don't want to forget. I hope my guys always look out for each other like that...

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