Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boot Camp

So you've all heard me rave about boot camp but tonight I took a look at my arms (which are killing me from two days of upper body work) and I'm REALLY digging what I'm seeing. My shoulders have definition and the fat flab that once hung around my arms is slowly being replaced by sexy strong muscle. Our coach tells us to visualize what we are working towards and it will help us get to our goals faster.
My goal is two fold. The first is to look good in a tank top. That's not that big a goal but I never wear them because up until now, I've hated my flabby blobby arms. I'm starting to like what I see!
My second goal is to get sexy enough to get a new tattoo. After 12 years I FINALLY convinced PT that he wants to let me get one and he's cool with it. It's going to be on my right shoulder and it's going to be a rather large one so I want my back to look good so I can show it off.

I'm getting there. I'm getting there. I'm just so happy I found this class and I'm really loving how it's making me feel and how I'm starting to look.

I decided that my goals would also be more than superficial appearance oriented goals. I ran across a video of a woman working with a 75 pound Kettlebell and here is her blog

I watched this video a couple times in a row the first time I saw it and I knew THAT is what I wanted to be doing. THAT is my goal. I want to lift the 32kg Kettlebell (75 pounds).

I want to improve my overall strength. I don't want to be a musclebound body builder but I want definition in my muscles. I want to work on strength training.
So those are my goals and that's what I'm reaching for.

and this is what I'm looking like after 5 months of training.