Monday, February 1, 2010

Five Boro Bike Ride

I'm completely out of my mind. This proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
NOT ONLY am I singlehandedly organizing a really large scale serious bake off Fund Raiser for Autism Speaks in April (which I'm going to be bugging you about when the website is up and running) I've now signed myself up for the Five Boro Bike Tour in May. 42 miles people. I've signed myself up to pedal 42 miles.
Off my flippin rocker.
If I can raise $500 between now and May 1st I will be able to bike with the Autism Speaks team and that's why I'm doing it.
That's why I've signed up for the Bike Tour. That and I think while I slept last night I had a full frontal Lobotomy...
If I can get 100 folks to donate $5 to Autism Speaks I'll have my team entry funds raised.
Think I can do it?
Think I'll survive?

Taking place the first Sunday in May each year, the adventure starts in Lower Manhattan. The ride heads north through the heart of Manhattan to Central Park and continues on to historic Harlem and the Bronx, returning south along the East River on the FDR Drive. From there it crosses into Queens and then Brooklyn, where cyclists take over the highway before making the thrilling climb up--and down--the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island. The route is 42 miles, mostly flat except for the bridges.

The ride lands on Staten Island at a fun outdoor Festival, including bike demos, a mountain bike stunt show, giveaways, games, a wonderful food concession, product samples, stretching, massage, a photo booth, and official merchandise on sale. Leave plenty of time to check out the exhibitors and activities and then visit the Fort Wadsworth Overlook for a scenic photo before continuing the final three miles to the ferry.

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Shari said...

Only a partial lobotomy. I think they left enough brain matter for you to sign up for some more stuff.