Saturday, December 18, 2010

Things that make me smile

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This last one, this necklace? I contacted the woman who made it and asked her to make some small modifications to it.  Picture it on a pink chain and rather than it saying Madame Cupcake it reads "Cupcake Hussy".  (Mike is going to HATE it but that's never stopped me before!)

Yup. Changes are in the wind peeps...going back to what makes me feel good and how I feel comfortable. Not going to tone myself down anymore.

Running across that photo from 6th grade turned a light bulb on in my head and reminded me of what I've known all along.
I've realized that the second I try to be someone or change myself to something I'm not, folks know it. It's almost like sharks smelling blood in the water. They know it and they react adversely to it. Why wouldn't they? Who likes fake?

I've been so sad lately and unhappy and angry and depressed trying to figure out what was the matter with me.
I figured it out. I'd wandered way to far away from who me was. I lost me trying to fit in. The real me rocks. I'm an awesome human being and I'm a good person. She was just a little bit lost.

My mindset has ALWAYS been that life should be fun and folks are way way way to serious. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who allows me to be a stay at home mom which means I can't get fired and don't answer to anyone but me and the kiddos.
Why shouldn't I have fun with life.
All this will start with next date night when I get my cupcake/candy tattoo sleeve started. I can't wait!

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