Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Brooklyn Holiday Experiment

Today was a ton of fun. I'm completely wiped out though.
I walked out of my home today leaving behind a cranky husband because he had to turn down Giants tickets to allow me to to this event today and two children who promised me they would be on their best behavior.
Headed to the city to pick my sister up and off we went to Brooklyn.

As a small aside, the weather today. What's up with this insane cold? It was about 30 degrees when we got out of the subway and had to walk 3 long blocks to the venue.

The Bell House is one hell of a cool spot. Really nice looking, warm, elegant place.
Took Ems and I all of 10 mins to set ourselves up and at 4pm the doors opened and the people! HOLY SMOKES. Packed from wall to wall with folks.

We were stuck in the back and at first we had no visitors and I was getting nervous. Did folks not like gingerbread? That was absurd and impossible so that couldn't be it. Then it hit me. They are eating food first and then they would do dessert and sure enough all at once they descended on us well, like elves on gingerbread.

By the end of the evening I'm left with less than 50 of the 350 bites that I made.
I didn't get a chance to taste any of the other food because the lines were crazy but it all looked fantastic.
No prizes but the folks that kept coming back over to tell me how good the gingerbread was was enough for me. Three or four folks told me they voted for me and that completely made my night.

I didn't really expect to win but I'm really glad I went and I'm hoping that Theo and Nick have another cook off that I can bake for.
They are supremely organized and two sweeter guys I'm not sure you will find! Though I knew no one but my sister when we got there, my competitors were super warm and friendly and supportive. I felt welcome to this new world and very comfortable.
I went to have a good time and that's exactly what I had!

Click on the pictures to enlarge
The first draft of the display. The bottom looked too naked so we added more to the table. We were also up on a sort of a riser so it was super hard for folks to see what we had. I spent much of my night handing them out to people rather than allowing them to grab on their own.

Everyone getting set up

What we looked like at the start. Thank GOD my sister has catering experience because she kept the table full all night long.

Me and my gorgeous sister.
Close up of the cuties
At the end of the night
Our neighbor took this photo from her area.

We had nothing left on the table at the end.

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