Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christiana Dream

I woke up tonight from a dream about Chrissy.
I've dreamed about her before but in all the dreams prior, I run into her as I'm in the middle of going somewhere or doing something and I'm elated to see her and promise I'll come right back to her and then I never get back to her.
Frustrating dreams to say the least.
This one, this one was different though.
I was at some restaurant or bar with all my mommy pals only I was watching them all outside while I was alone inside. (Gee, no dream analysis needed there!) I got into some fight with some random guy at the bar and walked out.
Standing outside, Chrissy runs up to me and of course she's been gone and dead so I am more than elated to see her.
My dream cuts to the barn where we are putting horses away and breaking down tack and her mother is there with us.
Alice Cooper was in the dream too and he and I were pals.
She and I talked like she was never gone and I wasn't in any rush to go anywhere despite my talking about the kids a few times.
The dream was so real and so vivid I could hear her laugh and feel her hair and smell her perfume.
She was with me tonight. I know she was.
I woke up crying and can't get back to sleep.
I miss her and I miss her friendship most of all. I miss that she loved me and wanted to be with me despite all the mistakes I made along the way. She loved me for who I was and always made me feel important and special.

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