Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So, the weather for Sunday is showers.
Now I'm not quite sure WHAT to do here.
It was my plan since it's only going to be a high of 68 to wear my sweatshirt with a teeshirt under it but that was when I was riding Bison.

Now on this new bike, I've got no where to store stuff so if I get too hot in the sweatshirt I can't take it off and throw it into my saddlebag.
Neither do I have a place to store the rain jacket I was going to bring.
Okay so let's say I do the ride in a long sleeved teeshirt to balance the difference.
I'm still unsure what to do with water and things.
Do I pack my messenger bag? Do I want that extra thing hanging on me?

Okay so you all are now seeing a side of me that is seldom shown. This is the over worry needs complete control needs to know ALL of the facts so there are no surprises gal.
I only get like this in situations like this. Situations where 99% of the factors and details are unknown and out of my control..

In these situations I cannot trust and cannot leave things to chance. I need to know EVERYTHING and find out all the details that I can and control as much as I can  and plan for every possible situation that might arise.
I am extremely OCD in situations with so many variables. 

Do I NEED to have 2 bottles of water? No, I'm sure that I don't especially since there are two rest stops on my route with food and water.

Do I NEED to pack all that I'm planning on packing? No, I'm sure that I don't but if I don't I'll be anxious and concerned that I've left something behind that might prove valuable along the route.

Can I have a good time if I leave everything behind and just get on the bike and pedal my little heart out? Possible.

Chances are I'll unpack and replan about 50 more times before Sunday comes and on Sunday morning at 6am when I'm walking out the door I'll dump half of what I'm bringing.

I think I'm most anxious about doing this on a bike that's a stranger to me. A bike with hand brakes and gears that if I don't time right can cause the chain to jump off and screw the whole day for me.
It's a bike without an odometer so I really won't know how far I'm biking (something important to me) and without storage.
I'm also going to be without a spare tube, patch kit or tools to fix the bike if it goes on me. This doesn't concern me too much because they do have SAG support. The only problem is that it will take me out of the tour completely.

It's new, and it's different and that bugs me. It leaves me feeling very vulnerable.

I HATE feeling like this because it's not how I normally operate. I never want this level of control in anything I do. I'm a go with the flow, lovin life, takin what it tosses at me kinda gal.

I have 5 days left till the tour. It's ONLY 30 miles so it's not the end of the world right? I can do this and get through in one piece and at the end of the day I'm going to have accomplished a goal and will have had a great time.

Oddly enough, the rain doesn't worry or deter me. At least I know what to expect and if I do wind up taking my messenger bag can anticipate having to pack extra shoes and pants. No Big Deal...Wish everything else was.

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