Monday, September 20, 2010

Sports Legs

My dad got me this supplement called "SportLegs".
It is apparently supposed to be a Nutritional Support for your body's lactate energy systems.

SportLegs helps regulate lactic acid production, so your muscles produce only as much as they need to perform their very best. You can enjoy sports and leave the pain- killers in the medicine cabinet, where they belong.
Take patented SportLegs pre-sport supplement an hour before sports or exercise, and you can comfortably go faster, longer. Which makes sports a lot more fun.

GUARANTEED:  SportLegs really works. If you aren't satisfied SportLegs safely reduces your muscle "burn" and soreness afterward at least IN HALF, we'll refund your money. Just call 866-LEGBURN.

Apparently these little magic pills are supposed to help reduce that awful burning feeling in my legs as I ride.
Skeptical? Yup. I'll give them a shot though. At this point there isn't much I'm not willing to try. (That's an extreme exaggeration so please no one suggest that I shoot up Red Bull or snort No Doze)
What I mean is that I'm willing to give all natural herbal remedies that might help me boost my energy and my endurance a shot.
I'm not looking to dope up here but after today at Boot Camp where I made sure I did really really deep squats and lunges my legs ache.
That was 35 mins worth of work and the squats and lunges weren't even the full time! 30 miles on a bike that has serious hills and I'm going to need as much on my side as I can get!!

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