Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today we bike...

I went to boot camp yesterday despite that little voice in my head that told me I should stay home and rest the day before a bike event.
I'm thinking I should have listened.
It's 3:00am and the aches in my legs woke me up.
Too many lunges and squats followed by a 3 mile bike ride on a bike where the seat is WAY too low resulting in my legs having to work way too hard to pedal.
I've taken some Advil and I'll go and soak in a super hot tub and throw some Ben Gay on these poor gams.
On the up side the bike I've rented should work just fine. I think I'll be okay with the gears and I'll have the hang of shifting quickly.
I have a 3 1/2 mile ride to the ferry terminal and once we are over in the Highlands, I'll have the lovely folks at the repair tent try to help me with the seat height.
Oh! The bike has a drink cage on the frame and a place for my stuff in the back which I can strap down nice and tight plus a bag on the front for my camera and IPhone.
I only wish I could have some music to bike to. No place to put my cooler with the speakers. Ah well. I'll survive I think.
The only other item on my wish list is a second camera. I'm going to attempt to mount the camera to the handlebars and videotape as much of the ride as I can. If I had a second camera I would be able to take more still photos.
Eh. It's all good.
I'm nervous and hope I can do the full 30 miles.

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