Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bittersweet 1st day of school

Today was the first day of school and it couldn't have gone any better if I'd scripted it.
Again someone was watching over us because as I was waiting on line to find out Patrick's classroom assignment Brian's speech therapist and his case manager from the IEP team showed up behind us with his new teacher.
Having them there allowed me to take Patrick upstairs while they played with Brian and hung with him and made him feel comfortable and less anxious.
They escorted him to his classroom and I realized that I'd forgotten his lunch so I ran and got him a bagel and water and then went to the classroom and spent a little time with his teacher.
She seems very very nice and Lion only has 6 classmates this year. 6 kids and 3 teachers with one more to be added at some point.
He will be following the same curriculum that Patrick had last year with Tools of the Mind and the Magic Treehouse stories but at a much much slower pace. His teacher told me that last year they didn't start the stories till April.
Fingers crossed we've done the right thing putting him in a special needs classroom and he continues to progress forward and not go backwards.
Most of me is okay with him in this classroom setting but the little tiny part of me worries that I'm setting him up for issues down the line. 
At pickup all of the kids file out to the playground and I was waiting where the kindergartners were but couldn't find Lion.
I ran and found Pat and met his teacher. She seems very very nice and I got a good vibe off of her. She's young and has a very warm smile.
Got him but still couldn't find Lion. It dawned on me that maybe the special needs classes don't mingle so much with the other kids or maybe they aren't let out with the other kids so I went to the front steps and tada! A lion!
It seems they have lunch with the other kiddos and gym so that's good. The classroom isn't so insulated.
I hope this is a good school year.

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