Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MS Bike Tour

So I'm considering NOT doing the MS Bike Tour on Sunday.
I'm not going to rent a bike for this one so it would be Bison and I.
I know she and I did 30 miles in May but after last weekend I'm lacking in the confidence department.

Don't get me wrong, I really do WANT to do it. The weather is supposed to be stupendous (High of 61 low of 48 and sunny).

It would be Bison and I. I'm trying to map the route to find elevations but I don't think there is TOO much in the way of hills.
Here is the wikipedia description of the FDR Drive.
Route description
FDR Drive passing Brooklyn Bridge

The FDR Drive starts at the southern tip at South and Broad Streets and becomes elevated to a point between Jackson Street and Gouverneur Slip, near the Manhattan Bridge exit. From there it is at street level, until it passes underneath Houston St overpass, then continues at grade. Once past the 14th St curve, it becomes elevated briefly, except the northbound roadway is at street level when passing through Waterside Plaza between 23rd and 34th Streets, then realigns with the southbound roadway above ground.

The roadway quickly dips onto street level after passing 42nd St, the southbound roadway is inside a later structure resembling a tunnel while the northbound roadway appears to be on the outside of the tunnel. This is due to the construction of the United Nations Headquarters on a platform above the FDR which is at grade. From 51st to 63rd Streets, in this tunnel, the southbound roadway is raised and runs slightly over the northbound roadway, so the Queensboro Bridge northbound exit can be built. North of 63rd street the roadways become level and run underneath the platforms of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, while remaining at grade.
FDR Drive at night

From 79th to 90th Street runs a final enclosed, at-grade portion. The promenade of Carl Schurz Park was built over the highway, near Gracie Mansion. Except for a short elevation over the 96th Street interchange, the remaining portion of the roadway from this tunnel to the 125th St interchange is at grade.

The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway runs below, beside or above the motor road, except between 34th and 63d Streets. A plaque dedicating the East River Drive is visible on the southbound roadway before entering the Gracie Mansion tunnel at 90th Street.

My gut told me the ride this past weekend was going to destroy me with the hills and I was right. I obsessed over the elevation map knowing it was too much for me but I'd committed to it and I did the best I could. It was a fun but frustrating ride. Partly due to the bike and partly due to all the damn hills.

This ride is MUCH MUCH flatter.
Even flatter it appears than the 5 boro!
This is the elevation map of the MS Bike Tour
 This is the Twin Lights Tour
 This is the 5 boro

My trouble is that I don't think it's fair to leave Mike with the kids for another full day plus we would have to put Humph in the kennel.

On the flip side the event starts at 7:30am so I think I'd be home by about 2:00pm.

All of this is why I WANT to do it. So why am I NOT doing it?
Last weekend we put the dog in the kennel. We can't afford to do it again.
I hate sharing this tidbit of info because it makes my husband sound like SUCH a selfish jerk but he doesn't do anything with the dog. He never takes Humph out. Never ever ever.
When we got Humphrey 11 years ago Mike made it clear that it was MY dog and 100% my responsibility.
He's stayed true to his word. 
If I go out or want to do something I have to arrange for the dog to either go to the kennel or have someone watch him for me.
It's $50 a day to put the hound in the kennel and that's money I'd rather spend elsewhere so I don't think I'll get to do this one...

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