Friday, September 3, 2010

Market 2

So I've received the blessing from Mike to go full steam ahead with the plan for the holiday market booth.
Last night we were talking about it and he said we should take whatever profit I make, no matter how small (I'm trying to be a realist with a strong pessimistic streak) will be used to pay my parents back their (potential) investment and the remainder will go towards a family trip to Europe.

Now that I know he's on board and has my back I'm anchors away in preparing the ultimate product and designing the most rockin booth EVER seen.

I might be approaching this whole thing with a bit of a smug attitude and a tiny bit of over confidence because I've BEEN to the holiday fairs and I'm fairly certain they ain't never seen nothin like my cookie.

Now to be fair, I didn't go last year and I know that a few of the new smaller "hip" independent business are catching on and bring their stuff to the market but I think if it's anything like it was two years ago, it's a whole lotta stuff that just isn't as cool as my cookie.

I'm not going to tell you what it is yet in case I can't make it work. If I can though, it's an AWESOME creation and I think it will sell really really well.

The only issue that has me worried is the whole thing with permits and licenses.

Apparently I must obtain a Department of Health and Mental Hygiene permit and food operator’s

I tried to get info from the website of the great city of NY on how to go about doing this but I got an instant headache.

I have a call into a lovely very helpful woman at Urban Space and hopefully she can help me overcome this first hurdle...

Not only am I obsessing on how to make my cookies work but I also have to really work on the design of the booth. I need to stand out from everyone else.
Each booth is an independent covered structure measuring approximately 9 feet 10 inches wide by 5 feet 10 inches deep by 7 feet 3 inches high (most double booths are twice the width and half booths, half the width).A half booth is roughly 5 feet wide by 5 feet 10 inches deep by 7 feet 3 inches high.

My booth is going to be as big as my bathroom.

I have a few ideas for what I want and how I want it to look but again nothing in stone.

I'll keep checking in and giving you guys updates on the progress...

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