Monday, September 6, 2010

Pitch done

So I've pitched my parents on the business loan.
I already know how it's going to happen.
My mother won't contribute a thing because "your father has more money than I do" and my father will hopefully once again step up and help out his daughter.
Having my dad involved in this is a total mixed blessing.

He started his own business 30 years ago from nothing, working two jobs and raising a family. He built a very very successful company that allowed me all the spoiled brat luxuries I had as a kid.
My dad is responsible for my entrepreneurial spirit. Not a doubt in my mind.

He's an amazing amazing asset to have because much of what I will go through building my company and growing my business, he's been there, done that, seen it before.
He's also an amazing pain in the ass (said with nothing but love) because he retired and sold the company about 5 years ago and he's currently stuck at home recovering from knee surgery.
He is bored out of his mind.

A project like starting a new business is EXACTLY what he's been craving (though I'm not sure he knows it) and if we can make this happen, he's going to be all over my plans giving me advice that while stellar and useful is not always delivered well or timed well.

My dad has been one of my best friends my whole entire life.
When I was a little girl, he and I were thick as thieves. As I grew up, I learned how to handle my father and how to deal with his stubborn very black and white view on the world.
I love my dad but I'm the only one who knows how to not let him get under my skin.
Which is why he and I work well together.
He talks, I nod and eventually he realizes I'm not listening to him and yesing him to death and he gives up the fight.
Unless it's something that is super important that I need his advice on and then I don't bust chops and I really do tune in and absorb what he's got for me.

I'm hoping he can front the capitol I need to make this work because I think we could both benefit from this. He will shake his boredom and his funk and can pass along his wisdom and be helpful and I can realize a dream.

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