Thursday, October 6, 2011

We spent 45 minutes with the Doctor tonight and despite Brian showing some of the non compliant agressive behavior with him that he does with his teachers (Told the dr. to shut up, stop asking questions, told him he was going to kick him, opened the door and tried to leave...) at the end of the session we had no more answers than we do now.

He's going to call Lion's case manager tomorrow and talk to her to see if he can glean anymore information on what is going on but he said he cannot give me a solid diagnosis based on what he saw and what I told him.

He did not mention a follow up appt or suggest that we schedule one. Perhaps after he talks to the school?

Lion and I will take Pats to school tomorrow and then we will go up to his case manager's office and see what she thinks about sending him back to class.

No firm diagnosis, no paperwork in hand, no new label or answers means we are exactly where we were yesterday and the day before that and the one before that.

Tomorrow my outlook will be more posititive. Right now I'm wiped out and drained.

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