Monday, October 10, 2011


Packing is totally stressing me!

Normally when we take a vacation I pack for 4 people with no stress at all. I'm only packing for two and I'm flipping out!

Why? Beacuse when we go to Disney World, we ship everything down. I ship all our clothing, all our toiletries, everything. We have less than nothing with us in the airport each time.

I can't ship our clothing to the boat. It all has to come with us. That wouldn't be such an issue if hubs and I weren't so hellbent on carrying everything on the plane with us and checking no bags. We both feel that the $25 per checked bag fees are INSANE and want to attempt to avoid them.

I put everything we are taking in spacebags. Between the two of us, we have 5 spacebags (and I haven't packed the two pairs of jeans my honey insists on taking with him yet!)

The airline guidelines for carryon bags says:

Continental will permit one bag plus one personal item (see below), per customer to be carried on the aircraft.
The maximum combined linear measurement (length + width + height) of carry-on bags must not exceed 14 inches x 9 inches x 22 inches (23 x 35 x 56 cm) or 45 linear inches (114 cm).
Please note: All carry-on items must be stowed under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. Items may not be stowed in the seat back pocket. Any item in excess of carry-on baggage size or allowance requirements as listed above will be checked to your final destination and may be subject to applicable checked baggage fees.

Personal items

In addition to the one carry-on item, you may bring free-of-charge the below items:
 one small personal article such as a briefcase, purse, day planner, small laptop computer, camera case, compact disk player or similar sized personal entertainment item

 personal aid devices such as wheelchairs, braces, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices and walking sticks, provided passenger is dependent on them
 one infant article such as a small collapsible stroller, a diaper bag or a government approved child seat (larger strollers can be checked in the jetway prior to boarding the aircraft)

 full-size video game consoles (for example Playstation®, X-box®, or Nintendo®), full-size DVD players, and video cameras that use video cassettes (must be removed from carrying cases and submitted separately for x-ray screening)
Try as I could, I could not get all 5 spacebags in our new suitcase that falls exactly within their carryon bag guidelines.
I was able to slam 3 in there and it's NOT happy.

We need a second carry on bag. So here is how it's shaking down right now.

Husband/human pack mule will have:
Rolling Suitcase - Main Carryon
Backpack - Personal Item
CPAP breathing machine (He has sleep Apena and beacuse this machine is a medical necessity they don't count it among his bags)

I will have:
Leopard Duffle bag - Main Carryon (this is the second necessary bag for the overflow of spacebags)
Clear Backpack -  Personal Item (I might change this to my pink vinyl bag. We will see)

My purse and assorted nonesnse will be in the backpack.

I feel better after typing all this out.

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