Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm exhausted. I'm completely drained. I woke up not feeling well and after I realized that there was no way I could take the kids to school I had a good friend take them for me. 9:15am and my phone rings. It's the school calling me to see if I can come in to discuss Lion.

Clearly a mother is not allowed to be ill. I knew they wouldn't call if it wasn't important so I dragged my carcass to school for a sitdown with his case manager and the school psychologist.

They were both concerned with the ongoing violence Lion has shown in the classroom and yesterday he apparently threw hand sanitizer at a teacher. Since this is a chemical that act is considered a simple assault. 

They decided that Lion is too much of a risk to keep in the class and told me that he has to come home with me and will not be allowed back in school till I have a full psych eval done on him.

I agreed to get the eval done but questioned what we do after the eval since it's not going to change a thing and doesn't help his behavior at all. They said they didn't really know.  This honesty does not inspire much confidence.

He's home with me and I've spend most of my morning calling all sorts of child psychologists trying to get an appoinement.

My big concern is that this behavior that he exhibits at school, this anger and violence doesn't ever carry over to home. Sure he gets cranky and mad but not like he does at school. 

He's currently watching "The Electric Company" happy as a clam.

I am at a loss here. No one feels he would fit in in the special needs classroom or even the middleground inclusion classroom but he clearly isn't fitting in with the class he's in now so what do I do?

I've finally heard back from a doctor who has an appt for Bri at 4pm on Thursday. This is both good and bad news. He will be home with me for the next two days and then Friday is half a day and Monday is no school.

I am hoping this doctor can pull a bunny out of his hat and tell me something I don't know about my kid because I'm seriously looking into home schooling...

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