Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Change is good

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies"

Today I had a meeting with Lion's team.
It has been 3 weeks since our last official meeting.
We all decided that despite all the tools, tricks, rewards, charts and ideas we've attempted to implement it's still not working in a mainstream classroom.

We have decided to put him in a special needs classroom and see how he does there. He's not going to be with his old classmates, but rather will be in an inclusion classroom that has kids in the 2nd grade so that the work is more challanging to him.

I think this is a good change and I'm hoping that the smaller class size, the students that are more like him, the teacher who is trained in special needs.

I've never heard his new teachers name but the team seemed to really like her and feel it would be a good fit. Since I trust them I go to this new teacher and classroom with totaly open arms.

We will go to school early today, before pickup to give our card to Lion's teacher and to meet his new teacher and see the new classroom.

He will begin in the new class tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed....

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