Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This week has been a total comedy of errors.
Tomorrow is my 38th birthday. I've been with Mike for 13 years and not ONCE has he EVER taken the day off to surprise me.
This year, he did just that. Unfortunately for him, I'd invited some of my gal pals to celebrate with me over Tea at a restaurant in NYC.
He was disappointed but rallied and changed the day off to Friday. Turns out Friday the kids are off of school.
I decided to try to make the best of it and asked my mother and sister to do an overnight so we can get in a little mommy daddy time.
I have a fund raising bake sale I'm running from 7 to 10pm but after that...
My sister has been dog siting all this week but the owners were due home on Friday which worked out perfectly because she would be there to help my mother who has never watched the kids alone ever.
Today she got an email from the dogs owners asking if she can extend her stay till Monday as they want to extend their vacation.
Our overnight is looking very grim. We haven't had any time alone since October and he's not going to be home at all this weekend. Going to get a new tattoo on Saturday (an all day thing) and then Sunday into Monday he's going to Atlantic City with his best friend.
Next weekend he's going to Washington DC for the week for work so that's out too.

Someone please tell me why the universe is messing with me like this?

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