Friday, February 11, 2011


For me, a bra is not a choice. Without one...well no. We don't want to go there or picture that.
I'd purchased a sports bra that quickly became my favorite bra and has lost much of it's holding power.
I went and purchased a minimizer bra and a new sports bra.  The minimizer bra is corset like. It's so insanely restricting and really feels like I'm wearing a boned corset.
I'm no stranger to suffering for beauty (in the 80's on a bloated or fat day I could be found donning 3 spanx like garments one on top of another plus control top stockings to keep the fat flat) but at almost 38 years of age with no one but myself left to impress I'm not going to be uncomfortable if I don't have to be.

To my eyes all the minimizer did was push the gals together and up forming some killer diller clevage but not much else. (NOT that killer clevage is to be sniffed at. Accentuate the positive I say!) but as I said, I'm not into suffering for beauty anymore so I did a little test.

The first pictures are with the minimizer and the second two are without.

What do you think?

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