Friday, February 11, 2011

M3 again

So Mike has cautiously agreed to the M3 tour.
He's so concerned something is going to happen to me. The thing is, I'm not a young pup, nor am I a spring chicken. I've been going to shows and clubs alone since I was 13 years old. I'm an old hat at taking care of myself and telling friendly guys to go fuck themselves.
When we initially discussed it he'd mentioned the Warped Tour. I just now went to take a look at video of the Warped Tour concert goers
uh yeah. No. No thanks very much. No WONDER he was worried!

Small side story: My friend from high school wanted to go and see Megadeth at the Roseland Ballroom. She purchased GA tickets for us and I pulled some strings to get us upper balcony seats. She couldn't understand WHY I wouldn't want to be as close to the stage as possible. Once the show started and a huge mosh pit broke out, she understood why.
I'm 4'11" tall and have never been in a fight in my life. I don't do mosh pits.

Nope, none of that will occur at this event.  Rock fans are very different than punk fans and thrash fans.  We do stupid shit like throw devil horns and bang our head (I do NOT bang my head thank you very much) but we don't mosh and in my experience if a mosh pit should break out and attempt to gain life, it's squashed quickly.
The worst thing we do is yell "WOOHOO" and "FUCKIN A" and "METAL RULES DUDE" a lot. (No, I do NOT  yell any of these things thank you very much)

I'm not saying people don't get hurt at rock events (I was almost trampled and crushed at a Motley Crue show. If Chrissy hadn't blocked me with her tall self I would have been killed when the crowd rushed the stage) but it's a rare thing.

Here look. Wanna see how much better behaved our fans are? Check it out.

See? None of that thrashy crap.

I can tell you what you (I) WILL see there.
1. Drunk middle aged men
2. Drunk middle aged men who for some reason have decided to attempt to keep their long hair and now have an intentional mullet because of that balding pattern in the front.
3. Biker dudes who all of a sudden don't seem so big and bad since they are rockin out to men in makeup
4. Women who do not realize that time has passed and no one wears that much hairspray anymore
5. Women who still think they should be wearing Spandex
6. People who think it a good idea to bring their tiny toddlers to an event like this. (It is not a good idea)
7. Groupie girls. These are 20 somethings who were in diapers when I saw all these bands play first time around.
8. Fat chicks who think guys dig them.

The most harmful creature there will be the party fools. These are the doofus who drink double fisted the entire time and wind up passing out, throwing up or picking fights.

Our songs have lyrics about partying and having a good time and sex and rock and roll.
Since I'm a monogamous gal who doesn't drink I plan on avoiding any and all drama and just going to see the bands I like and going back to my room to go to sleep.

Nothin but a good time...

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