Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vicious and Virtuous

So Lion has PDD-NOS. We've established that. If you read this blog at all, you know that fund raising for Autism Speaks is one of the things I absolutely love to do.
I have super generous pals and last year they helped me raise almost $1,500 for Autism Speaks and our walk team Team Brian The Lion.

In October I was a part of a really groovy fundraising bake off for NY Cares called Fierce and Sweet.
I loved it so much that before the day was out, I'd decided I was going to do something just like it for Autism Speaks.

Last week I got down to it and started begging for favors and sending out mass emails to friends and strangers, Hoboken business owners, restaurants, bars, clothing stores as well as NYC food trucks and food-centric blogs.

My letter asked for donations of space, sponsors and judges (different letters) and the response has been amazing.

Willie McBride's here in Hoboken, NJ is donating the space to us at no charge, one of my good pals is creating the website at no charge and another super talented friend has designed our logo.

I've got two judges on board. The owner of The Cupcake Stop cupcake truck and the writer and owner of Dessert Buzz blog.

I've cast a super wide net asking for support and donations and I'm confident that people will step up.

It's going to be here in Hoboken on April 17th and we will have 20 bakers go head to head with their best baked goods (the contest is open to all). Tickets to the event will be $20 and 100% of the proceeds will go to Autism Speaks.

Ticket holders will get a plate and a fork and will be able to wander the room tasting all of our bakers goodies.

I'll share more details as they come and as soon as the website is finished I'll put it up here...

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