Thursday, January 21, 2010

My daddy

My dad just left here after his second visit to our apartment to help us hang a blind that fell down.

I love my husband by he's not handy. I'm handy when it comes to some things. A lot of things actually and if you give me something with instructions and the proper tools look out because I'll have it fixed or put together in no time flat.

This blind was beyond my scope and PT wasn't even going to attempt it.

My go to guy is my father. Always has been. He's the most handy man I know. Our house in the Berkshires was a total fixer upper and my dad gutted the whole thing himself and redid the whole house on his own with no help. Ran the gas, the electric, added a whole new room the whole kit and kaboodle.

As a little girl I remember being at the house in the Berkshires and having him wake me up super early to go to Carr Hardware or to the Sears to get supplies. I LOVED those trips and loved being my dad's helper. Handing him tools, watching as he created something out of nothing or how he fixed things that were broken.

My dad and I have always been pals. He's always there for me and never fails me.
He's an amazing guy and I love him to pieces.

That was 30 years ago though and my dad isn't a spring chicken anymore. He's in his 70's and has a bad knee and his heart isn't so good and he just had lapband surgery.

Today watching him climb onto the ladder to fix the blind I was overcome by sadness. There was a time when my dad was invincible. Nothing he couldn't do, nothing he didn't know. He's slowing down some but still is the same amazing can do guy he always has been.

I know he won't read this but thanks Daddy. Thanks for all that you have done, all that you have put up with and all that you continue to do for me and my family. We wouldn't be where we are today without you.

I love you.

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