Thursday, January 14, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...

For a while now I've wanted a bicycle. Truth be told I really really wanted this bike:

That's right. I'm a 36 (almost 37) year old mother of two little boys who had her heart set on a Hello Kitty bicycle. Shaddup!
I couldn't justify the almost $400 price tag though. I tried. Believe me.

I made a comment on Facebook about wanting a bike but the price blah blah blah...
one of my friends pointed me towards a place called Beach Bikes.

I went and ordered my bike the same day! She's arrived in a ton of boxes and I have to get her to the bike shop to be put together.

I also have to wait for the warmer weather. It's too cold right now to ride.

I'm going to store her at my mom's place because they have a bike room in the basement.

So now PJ has a bike and I have a bike. For Lion's birthday we are going to get him a bike and then we can all ride together!

I really wanted a bike to help supplement my exercise routine and to get me out of the house so I'm not eating and snacking all the time.

This is what my gal will look like when she's put together!

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