Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tyra Banks Show

So a super long time ago (like about 5 years maybe more) I signed up on a website called

I guess I've always felt my life is a bit of a sitcom (or a circus) and that I should be on TV. I think I'd make stellar TV.

There was a posting recently for plus sized something or other and I threw my hat into the ring.
Why not I thought. I think more plus sized gals look like me than what you see on the TV or in print.
I'm confident in who I am and how I look and maybe I could help some other gals feel good about who they are.

Apparently these shows go through more changes than a kid in it's first year because what I signed up for has turned around and changed completely and now I'm going to be a part of the audience asking the panel a question about fat gal etiquette. (You are just going to have to watch to see. Once I have details on when it airs I'll let you know)

So far it's been a super fun process.

I've been told however that I can't wear anything with big bold prints, no all black tops, no all white tops. This eliminates almost my ENTIRE wardrobe.
I think I have one top I can wear that will work but I have to get a belt...Oy...

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