Monday, December 1, 2008

A little more on the Circus folk

So you understand the dynamic of my family.
PJ is almost 5 years old and as loud and precocious as they come.
If I took him to the developmental pediatrician I think they might classify him as ADDHD, so I'm not taking him to be diagnosed. For now I'm chalking it up to a high energy almost 5 year old.
PJ takes his role as older brother VERY seriously. He loves The Lion with a pure ferocity that astounds me at times.
On the playground he always has one eye on Lion and is quick to come to the aid or defense of his brother. On more than one occasion I've seen him fly across the playground to stand between his little brother and another child and I've seen him take back toys that were taken from Lion when I didn't even know he was paying attention.
I've heard him ask Lion "Are you okay?" and say "Lion, I love you".
These moments make me so proud and always amaze me. This protection and love and "big brotherness" doesn't come from anything I've ever taught him or said to him. It's natural for him.
Of course PJ has another side too.
Have you ever seen the cartoon Cavin and Hobbes? Yeah. PJ IS Calvin.

He's sharp and funny as hell and I love his outlook on life and hearing the way he sees the world.
If an almost 5 year old can be a friend, than he and I are buddies for sure.
He's always up for an adventure and always wants to know what's next. He's never happy just sitting still, and being quiet is a very foreign concept to him. He's a great kid and I love spending time with him.
I love him but at the end of the day I'm exhausted.

His little brother The Lion is 3 1/2. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS which means he's too young to be classified as Autistic but he's on the spectrum.
I look at him now and he's come SO SO far.
He's got more words now than ever before (Still not as many as his peers but he's getting there) and his social skills are still stunted (Sharing is still a concept that eludes him) but he's doing well in the classroom and seems to enjoy the play dates I've set up with PJ's friends.
He still throws those ferocious tantrums and needs to be on a schedule. He does best with a routine but he's leaps and bounds from where he was a year and a half ago.
Lion and I have a special bond. He and I can often be found lying together foreheads touching staring into each others eyes.
He is never too far from my side and if I try to leave the apartment to do laundry or take the dog out he will howl and wail "Mommmmmmmmyyyyy"
Even though he doesn't speak that way PJ does, he's still got an amazing personality and a great sense of humor.
He's so gentle happy to just sit quiet and play with his Thomas The Train or Lightning McQueen.
He is the absolute opposite of his big brother which is fine with me.
Having two PJ's 16 months apart would for sure have driven me over the edge.
My boys are thick as thieves and the best of friends. I hope that never changes.
PT makes the money and I run the household. Laundry, cleaning, to and from school, Drs. appointements, playdates, birthday parties it's all mommy.
Okay to be fair, PT takes out the garbage (once I've taken the bags out of the garbage cans and tied them up) and he cooks. I do not cook. I can burn an ice cube. He makes all our dinners. I bake.
I LOVE to bake.
I bake almost every single day and I would love to have a small specialty bakery of my own here in Hoboken but with the two small kids it's impossible. My support team sucks.
Ah but that's another rant (entry) for another day.

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