Monday, December 1, 2008

The Circus Performers

I'd like to tell you that I'm the ringmaster in charge of the big top and all that goes on here however I am not.
I am far too much of a marshmallow (or if you prefer a circus reference I'm cotton candy) to be in charge of the whole show.
The man in charge of it all, is my husband. For the purpose of this blog and for my own selfish amusement he will be called PT or Barnum. (If you have no idea why this amuses me or don't know who PT Barnum is shame on you! Go and do a Google search and come back.)
My role is more that of the behind the scenes work. I take care of the two young performers who call me mom. I clean up after the elephants and feed the lions. I keep the circus train rolling and on schedule.
I am just Mom. Not a performer and never in the spotlight but the circus wouldn't exist without me. Okay well that's a wee bit dramatic. Let's just say that without me the circus wouldn't run as the well oiled machine it does.
My littlest circus performer is my Lion. He's had this nickname since birth as his temper is the stuff legends are made of. He is ferocious when he gets going and a force to be reckoned with.
He is also the sweetest most lovable creature on the planet and I would not hesitate to stick my head between his jaws if I thought it would fit.
The Lion is wonderful and simple and pure. He makes me laugh and I have a very special bond with him. I understand him and relate to him on a level that no one else does.
His big brother is a little harder to classify as a member of the circus though he's the biggest performer I have.
My initial reaction is to tell you he's the tightrope walker because the kid is fearless and brave and agile.
He's also the clown because he's funny as hell. He will do just about anything for a laugh and craves the spotlight.
He's an elephant because he's a little unpredictable. You know he wants to do the right thing but you are never quite sure if he's going to go rouge and take the whole tent down with him.
Because I can't classify him as just one performer when he in himself is an entire circus we are going to call him by his nickname of PJ.
Now that you've met the performers on with the show!


Anonymous said...

I love the circus analogy! Cannot wait to get fully caught up. Because, JEEZ, you've been busy this week!

Diana said...

Ah, the pitfall of having no life. When I discover an outlet such as this's ON honeybuns...

Diana said...
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