Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100 Things about me

Another idea yanked from my friends blog but I really like it...

1. I am ambidextrous when it comes to using a computer mouse.
2. I use said computer mouse upside down. (Meaning the buttons are facing me)
3. I am horrible at math. I still have to do basic addition on my fingers.
4. I have an ear for accents and can mimic them almost flawlessly.
5. My favorite accent is an Irish Brogue. I don't care if you look like Billy Goat Gruff. Keep talking and I'll hang on your every word.
6. I love tattoos and if I had my way I'd have a few more than I do.
7. In the 80's I was a big hair rock chick.
8. I am a horrible liar
9. I was born and raised in Manhattan.
10.I long for the day when I can move out of the city to someplace rural.
11.I am happiest when I am alone.
12.I love to have people over to my house and have parties and get togethers.
13.I cannot stand body piercings. They creep me out.
14.My favorite color is pink.
15.I have never done a single illegal drug in my life.
16.I never drink booze.
17.I tend to be very passive aggressive.
18.I love to bake.
19.I have an obsession with Italianate Mansions.
20.I have a very hard time asking for help.
21.I tend to be lazy.
22.I would rather pay someone do to the work than do it myself.
23.I love Zoology.
24.I would love to drive cross country in an Airstream Trailer
25.I want to purchase a large old home and convert it to a B&B.
26.I drink way too much Diet Coke.
27.I frequently wonder what my life would be like with no kids
28.I love to travel.
29.I am a very uncomplicated person.
30.I'm extremely opinionated.
31.I tend to talk to much.
32.I wear my heart on my sleeve.
33.I absolutely hate my hair.
34.My eyes are too small and too close together
35.My eyes are my favorite feature.
36.I love getting massages.
37.I have an obsession with Interior Design.
38.I have no desire for any other babies or children.
39.I never felt that strong tug to have a baby.
40.I went to private school my whole life.
41.I drove an Audi when I turned 16.
42.I would rather do something that I'm passionate about and make minimum wage than do something that is just a job for a huge salary.
43.I don't have many talents but those that I do have I think are very strong.
44.I have issues with being in control.
45.I spent half my life trying to be cool and popular.
46.I've spent the rest of it going against the grain.
47.I have no pictures of my kids in the apartment.
48.I'll never be a MILF but I will be a "cool" parent.
49.I suck at doling out discipline. I'm the Rodney Dangerfield of mother's. No respect.
50.I quite often threaten my children with a phone call to their father. (It works)
51.I have spanked both boys and I won't hesitate to do it again.
52.I carry massive massive guilt for not spending enough time with Brian when he was a baby.
53.I sometimes think his PDD-NOS might be the fault of my being overwhelmed with two kids and not giving him the attention he needed.
54.I loved being pregnant and for the right price would consider doing Surrogate motherhood.
55.I realized just how strong a woman I am when I had to take the dog out the day I got home from the hospital with Patrick.
56.I learned just how far I will go for my kids when we went to the Brooklyn Aquarium a week after Brian was born.
57.I sometimes feel I got cheated having both kids via C-Section.
58.I wish I had told the Dr. I wanted to have Brian naturally since he was coming anyway. (C-Section schedule for 9:00am on May 6th and he decided he was coming naturally. Contractions, water broke, dilation and still I agreed to a C-Section)
59.I really was and still am OK with Mike's decision not to want to be present for a vaginal birth of either of his sons. Both were C-Sections and he was there for both.
60.I love that my mother, my father and my sister were all with me and stayed up all night the 15 hours I was in labor with PJ.
61. I love that I have such a close family.
62. I am closer to my sister than anyone else and consider her my very best friend.
63. I am adopted.
64. I have never had any desire to seek out my birth family.
65. I do wonder if my birth mother ever thinks of me and if she ever regrets her decision.
66. I do not regret her decision.
67. I was a spoiled rotten teenager blessed with a father who gave me everything.
68. I used to have a horse and thought that's what I wanted to do with my life.
69. I miss having a horse and riding.
70. I owe much of who I am today to my best friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident in July of 2007.
71. I still cry when I think about her.
72. I don't have any photos of my family in my apartment but her photo is in a silver frame on my computer desk.
73. I love to take pictures and do so on an almost obsessive level.
74. I often feel my life is stuck in neutral.
75. I desperately want to gut and renovate the kitchen and the bathroom in our apartment.
76. I love Basset Hounds and don't think I'll ever not have one in my life.
77. I was kicked out of college.
78. I wasn't unhappy that I was kicked out of college.
79. I haven't driven a car in 10 years.
80. As a child I was petrified of subway trains and tracks.
90. I love the way the air smells in the winter before it snows.
91. I could move to our house in the Berkshires and be very happy there.
92. It's very important to me that my children have good manners.
93. I love music from the 80's.
94. I have very little shame in my game.
95. It's extremely hard to embarrass me.
96. I want to move to Vermont or New Hampshire.
97. I am under 5' tall.
98. I can admit when I'm wrong
99. My relationship with PT is a traditional male dominated "father knows best" style and I'm very happy with it.
100. I can't apply lipstick to save my life so I usually don't wear it.

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