Saturday, July 21, 2012

I think I've got it now

A blog I'd written about Chrissy shortly after her death in 2007

 I think I know what it was about her. What made her special and stand out from the rest.
She was the epitome of cool. She could take anything and rock it. She was so amazingly versatile in her ways and was always reinventing herself.
When she was a glam kid, she took it and lived it 100%. From polka dots to pigtails, from lunchboxes to lollypops, it was all her.
She did Goth for a while and managed to make the most beautiful Goth Chick I think I'd ever seen. If you never got a chance to see her in black Vinyl then I'm sorry because you missed a heavenly vision.
When she went Rockabilly it was like she was born in the 1950's. She never went repro; it was true blue vintage for her all the way and nothing less.
When you were with her, she made you feel special and cool. Like there was always a velvet rope around you and you were a living breathing VIP room.
She was elegant and refined and classy and smart. Wise beyond her years and talented. She loved life. She never let anything stand in the way of what she wanted. She lived on her terms. If you were lucky to be there for the ride, you were family. If not, get out of her way because she would have run you over.
She was one of those few individuals who truly understood the saying "life every day as though it's your last" She always did.
I always felt a bit in awe of her. As a teenager, trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in she never did. She always knew exactly who she was and who she was going to be.
She was a leader, if she had wanted to start her own religion I believe getting a flock together wouldn't have been difficult for her. People wanted to be around her. They listened to what she had to say and emulated her in fashion and style.
Even now at the tender age of 34 I still find myself asking "Would Chrissy think this is cool?" and on nights out I've been known to email her photos of outfits for her thumbs up or down.
She could make anyone a friend. All she had to do was smile at you.
I always wondered if there was much she couldn't do? She was a published author, world traveler, talented horsewoman, she could draw, paint, sew, sing and tell me she wasn't truly gifted with a makeup brush.
She was always up for anything and loved to be spontaneous.
With her, you never quite knew what the day would bring.
I'm going to miss that.

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