Friday, March 13, 2009

Dum Sum, Candy and Cupcakes

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh a fellow mommy who posts on an alternative parenting site I am a member of (
We met at Jing Fong for Dim Sum (I always want to sing when I put those to together - Jing Fong, Dim Sum, Jing Fong, Dim Sum...They sound like nonsense words) because I'd heard rave reviews about it.
I have to say I was supremely less than impressed.
We were seating at a private table which was nice and then for the first two minutes we were inundated by the Dim Sum carts. Har Gow, Shrimp Noodles, Shu Mai and a few other dishes who's names I do not know were on our tables in a matter of seconds.
Then nothing.
Tumbleweeds rolled past our table...
I am a HUGE Har Gow and Shrimp Noodle fan. Ok...rabid fan is perhaps more proper. I truly think I could snarf them down on a daily basis in quanities that just cannot be good for me.
I have days where I dream of these two dishes.
They were not very good at Jing Fong.
That's not to say that I didn't finish them all and just about lick my plate clean beacuse, hey, even sub par Dim Sum is still Dim Sum...
I just didn't understand at all what the hype on this place was.
We waited and waited to get the sesame balls that I adore and we DID have yummy egg custard tarts that were very yummy. The Sesame Balls were worth waiting for and were just the way they are supposed to be.
Dense and chewy and sweet and fried and just GOOD... I want them again...

From there we walked to Economy Candy on Rivington Street and got too much candy:

and then went to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for cupcakes.
Holy YUMMERS people.
Those are some kick ass cupcakes.
I'm not a huge fan of butter cream icing, it actually makes me slightly ill so I went in not sure what to expect. The lemon cupcake with lemon icing was divine as was the pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese icing. The Red Velvet with Whipped Cream icing was meh...not my thing but the vanilla cupcake with the almond butter cream icing? Yeah....THAT'S what I'm talkin about people.
If all buttercream were like that I'd be in serious trouble.
Next week I'm going to hit Golden Unicorn for Dim Sum and then try Babycakes Vegan cakes and Amai Bakery for their Green Tea Cupcakes...

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