Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The City

I'm such a stuck up New Yorker. (and YES, despite my living in NJ now I am still and will FOREVER be a New Yorker) I don't even feel that I have to name the city because really, it's the only city that matters non?

I took the ferry into the city yesterday for a sugar stalking and as I was riding the ferry watching the boat leap and frolic in the Hudson I looked out at the city skyline and realized what a seriously complex beast that island is. It truly IS the city of a million stories. I suppose at one point mine was one of them.

I had made myself a promise/resolution that when the weather turned warm every day the boys were in school I was going to take either the PATH or the ferry into the city and walk around.
Unfortunately for me the last two trips have resulted in the purchase and consequent consumption of some SUPER yummy confections NONE of which are any good for my weight loss.

Yesterday I went to The Doughnut Plant and despite the rave reviews and accolades that place gets I was rather unimpressed. Perhaps it's because I've never HAD a really good doughnut and my standard is Entenmann's and Dunkin Donuts but I found the Myer Lemon doughnut to be lacking in lemon flavor and the Tres Leche was the strangest texture I'd ever experienced in a doughnut. It was chewy almost elastic like and again perhaps this is what a high quality super de dooper ingredient ladened Doughnut is supposed to taste like and my white trash pallete simply isn't up to snuff.
I will say however that the creme filling on the Tres Leche was like crack and the overall taste of the doughnut was superb. I just couldn't get past the texture.
Guess I'm a cupcake gal for real!

From there I wandered to Broome Street to Babycakes to pick up a couple of their St. Patrick's Day Specials "Jameson Soaked Vanilla cakes" for Mike.

They opened at 10:00 and I got there at 11:00 and was told they weren't ready yet.
While I was there I was also shoved out of the way (NOT literally) by the delivery of a new displaycase. I watches yummy looking baked goods be tossed onto another counter to make room for the case and the original girl who was assisting me basicly left me to assist with the counter instillation. Another lovely cutie pie saw me standing there and asked if I needed help.
The shop is cute as a button and folks, it smells AMAZING in there. I mean SO SO good. Like cinnamon and goodness baking.

I have not yet tasted the 4 cupcakes I purchased. When I told Mike they didn't have the Jameson cakes yet he said I should have just walked out.

I however CANNOT do that. Not only because they are cupcakes and I think walking out of a cupcake shop without a purchase is against my religion and I'd be smited on the spot, but more importantly because I am all about supporting independent small businesses. ESPECIALLY small independant ones that are selling Vegan cupcakes. (To me nothing is sadder than a child or an adult who cannot expereinece the beauty of a cupcake beacuse of wheat allergies)

I think I'm going to go back today with my sister and see if perhaps the service isn't any better today. Maybe if I go later?

I left with 4 sweet treats and realized I was just a hop to Sugar Sweet Sunshine and so I scooted my tushy over there hoping THEY might have a Saint Patrick's themed Cupcake.

They did not let me down (I KNEW they wouldn't) I don't know what it is about that place but I can't leave with less than a dozen cupcakes. Okay I DO know...their cupcakes rock my socks.
They had Bailey's iced cupcakes so I got two of those, I also got two of their lemon cupcakes becuase I LOVE them, two pumpkin, two almond buttercream with vanilla cake and 4 vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Today we have three cupcakes left. Less than 24 hours after purchase. Mike says he doesn't like their cupcakes and threw out a pumpkin last night. (AACCKK!) He ate a Bailey's and said it was good.

He also ate one of the Babycakes cupcakes and said it made him gag. He spit it out and threw it in the garbage.

Perhaps I won't be going back today....

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