Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

The day started out fine. We went into the city to Best Buy and I got a new camera. We went to Applebee's for dinner and then to Cold Stone Creamery for an Ice Cream Cake for me.
We took the bus home.
When we got home PT made his second pot of coffee of the day and again started in on his missing container of Sweet and Low packets.

This morning he made coffee and I couldn't find the container that we keep them in. I tore the place up looking for it and neither of us could find it.
I truly have no idea where it went.

PT decided to be a cranky bitch and went on and on and on about the place being a mess and how I can make it nice for my friends yesterday but not for him. I told him today was my birthday and I was going to clean tomorrow.(We had the same conversation this morning when we couldn't find the Sweet and Low the first time around)

He took his piece of birthday cake and cup of coffee to the couch and as he was sitting down he said (again) This place is a fucking pigsty mess and I snapped. I started to clean the apartment top to bottom with the fury of one pissed off woman.
I threw my piece of birthday cake in the garbage without so much as a bite of it.
When I started to mop the floor he got up and told me I was being silly and to let him mop the floor.
Yeah, I don't think so.
I told him to just sit down and not to talk to me anymore tonight.
He tried to make me laugh and I wasn't having it.
He made an attempt to apologize and I told him it was too late.
I'm putting the kids to bed now and when they are asleep I'm going to walk up to Dunkin Donuts and get myself a hot chocolate and I'm going to grab him as many sweet and low packges as I can fit in the damn bag.
I'm not letting this go and he's not getting off the hook for this one. He behaved like a selfish brat tonight and turned my birthday into something it didn't have to be. All becase we can't find his stupid Sweet and Low packets for his precious cup of coffee.
On the upside, my kitchen is cleaner than it's been in months and I saved the calories on a peice of Ice Cream Cake...

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