Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday or what was I thinking?

I woke up this morning with a great idea. Take the boys to the city and go to Bowery Kitchen Supply in the Chelsea Market.
These things always start out with the best of intentions on my part. They really and truly do.
I WANT to do things with the boys and I want them to have cool city experiences. Things that they wouldn't be able to do anywhere else but Manhattan.
Chelsea Markets and specifically The Bowery Kitchen Supply is one of those places.

We had the great nap argument we have EVERY weekend which always results in my getting VERY frustrated and lots of tears from PJ.
Eventually everyone was up from naps and ready to go.

Of course, these things NEVER go the way I want them to. Never.
Lion is a turtle, PJ is man of a thousand questions and PT is he of little patience for anything or anyone and then I'm the one with the insane smile plastered to her face.

I haven't been to CM in about 11 or 12 years. It is apparently now home to Oxygen Network, The Food Network, I think I saw BMI's name up there and a few others I didn't have time to look at.

This means that even on a Saturday it's full of hip folks who clearly are hoping to star spot or be spotted. (The former, maybe, the latter, almost never folks)
By the time we got there PJ was whining about his feet hurting him and his promised cupcake, Lion wanted to be carried and wanted French Fries (no go in there. Lobster sure, breads, gotcha covered, French Fries...not so much pal.)

I was on a mission to find a sifter for my dry ingredients. I had read a blog that says that sifting the dry ingredients before mixing really helps the outcome of the consistency of your cakes or muffins.
Who am I to argue?

I was hot, tired and frustrated that these things just never go as planned for me.

I forgot about how tight the store is and how chock full of kitchen stuff. I could get lost in there wtih no problem but with the kids my focus was to keep them away from the breakables.

I finally found my sifter (and the only reason I did was because I heard someone test the handle trigger on one and I followed the sound).

We went to Elani's for the promised cupcakes and even that was stressful. PJ wanted the frosting and Lion wanted the cake. Lion was done in about 30 seconds and PJ wanted to linger and eat the frosting with his finger.

When they were finally finished PT decided to take the bus home. While we were waiting PJ announced that he had to pee.
PT told him to hold it and I knew he couldn't (HOW can you ask a 5 year old to hold it for about half an hour? He would never do it. Stupid.) He refused to take PJ on the grounds that he might miss the bus. I took him. Of course where I go, Lion goes so rather than just one I had two.
Thanks PT. Way to step up there daddy-o.

I had to carry Lion back to the bus and take the non working escalator stairs two at a time but we made the bus. (In your FACE PT)

Over all it was a long day and I don't think the kids cared much if we went or not...

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