Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tattoo Idea

I'm going to be headed to Tattoos are Forever

Ultimately I want this to be a sleeve but we are going to start with the cupcake at the top and go from there.
Here is the cupcake:
I want to eliminate the cherry from the top (Honestly, how often do you see a cupcake with a cherry on it's top?) and the banner as well. I want to have a wrap around banner that has my kiddos names in them            "Patrick & Brian"

Frosting should be a rich bright blue and the wrapper should be a white wrapper with a pale yellow tint (Vanilla cake inside)

I want sprinkles for sure! I'm a huge fan of the nonpareil:

I don't want the cupcake sitting all alone and lonely. That's icky. I'd like it to have a background that we can build on as the tattoo grows.
It's hard to tell with this tattoo but along with the candy around the tattoo are little hearts in random places. I LOVE that idea and would love to do it on mine.

 I LOVE the "crown" on this cupcake. The sort of halo effect is awesome

and as the sleeve goes on, here are the candies I want to have as a part of it. They are in no particular order or importance.

I want this to be very bright and super colorful. A color bomb almost.
Along with the hearts in the background I'd like to have random little color dots.

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