Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Tomorrow PJ turns 7. We aren't having a big Birthday Party for him. (Like his mommy he seems to be a bit of a loner and doesn't really have any pals, which is a topic for another post.)
I'll be bringing in Cupcakes to his class but his party is just going to be me, Lion, Mike, my mother, father and sister.
He started out wanting to have an Indiana Jones party. Cool with me. I ordered custom Indiana Jones Lego cupcake toppers for him and started to map out decorations and a color theme.
This morning he woke and told me he no longer wants Indiana Jones. Now he wants a Lego themed Birthday.
Okay, I'm cool. I can do that. I figure I'll use the Indiana Jones toppers at school and at home I'll be making him a Lego Birthday Cake much like the ones you see above.
It's my plan that with the left over cake I'm going to make cake pops to look like the above Lego heads.
I'll have balloons in primary colors and table cloth and plates and cups in the same. The table will be decorated with Legos.
Today I have to go back to the Cake Supply shop and get food coloring in the proper colors (White, Yellow, Blue, Red) and to the Party Supply shop to get the stuff for the party.

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