Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday and the shoes

Today my wild oldest son, the one who since birth I've said is either going to end up on Broadway or on an episode of Cops turns 7.
7 years old. My God. How did I get to be the mother of a 7 year old boy?
Today was an insane day. I felt a little like a duck, paddling furiously under water while appearing calm and cool on the surface.
I had to run so many errands to get the goody bags and the cupcakes and the balloons and then get the balloons inflated and then get everything over to school in time for 2pm.
It went off super well and though it was my plan to bake a lego cake for Pats, it seems my darling hubs is saving the day and coming home with a Red Velvet Cake which is one of Pats favs.
Since it's just us and no friends I attempted to keep the decorations on the minimal side.

and for all my hard work, I got a present today too!
These arrived in the mail. The kids have become obsessed with Zombies and when I saw these...

I think I'm officially the coolest mom on the block...

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