Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Week

The boys were off of school last week and on Friday we went to see Thomas The Train and Friends Live!
I wanted to make a day of it with the boys in the city. I found out that a tea shop/bakery I'd been meaning to try was going out of business and Sunday was to be their last day.
I called my sister and told her no if's and's or but's we were GOING to Amai tea house and we were going to try their green tea cupcakes that I'd been hearing so much about.
We met my sister in Union Square and walked over. Lion decided he did NOT want to be in the bake shop and so my sister waited outside with him while I loaded up with baked goodies. I got two of the last Green Tea Cupcakes and one Peanut butter chocolate cupcake. I also got 3 of each of the tea based cookies they had.
We decided to walk to the park around the corner to sit in the beautiful sunshine and eat our snacks.
It was a nostalgic walk for my sister and I because she and I had attended a school that was on the block called Friends Seminary. My best friend (who was killed in July of 2007 in a motorcycle accident) of 30 years met there and she ultimately graduated from there. I have some amazing very perosonal memories of that school and my time spent there and my sister and I always get nostalgic and mushy when we are around it.
We went to the park across the street and the boys discovered some kids playing on a pile of mulch. (Kids can TRULY turn nothing into something)
We sat and did a lot of "remember when" and the boys ran around.
The Cupcakes were not our speed and we all agreed we were disapointed.
The cookies however were wonderful. A shortbread base for all and each was yummier than the next.
My dad met us there and we headed uptown to the Beacon Theatre to see Thomas.
The show was fantastic, the boys had a great time and we all came home exhausted.

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