Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bake Sale 2

So we are up to our eyeballs in chocolate around here.
Melting, dunking, dipping, setting up and drying...
Here are some photos of what we have done already.
Here is Lion checking out the S'Mores On A Stick. We stuck two marshmallows on a lollipop stick, dipped them in milk chocolate and then rolled them in Graham Cracker crumbs.

Double stuff with Vanilla Creme Oreos. The ones lying flat have been dipped in milk chocolate and are setting up and drying. When they are set I'll redunk them again to coat the other side.
The ones standing up will have the side that is naked dunked in white chocolate.
Double stuffed Chocolate Creme filled Oreos twice dunked in white chocolate drizzled with bittersweet chocolate. I could only do this one tray and I ran out of White Chocolate. Looks like I'm headed to the store today!
Peeps marshmallow bunnies half dunked in white chocolate. When they are set and dry I'll dunk them again to get the other side coated. I'll then shove a lollipop stick up their asses and put them in Cellophane bags and tie them off with Autism Speaks ribbons...
Peeps dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.
The coolest ribbon EVER. Everything will be tied off with this.
The Peeps Marshmallow bunnies after a swim in chocolate. I didn't like this method. I feel like the chocolate was too thick.
Bunnies waiting to be dunked.
After setting up and drying...

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