Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Countdown Time

We leave for Disney World on May 2nd to celebrate my sweet little Lion's 4th birthday. Seriously? My baby is turning 4?! What has happened to all the time?! Where has it flown to?
We LOVE Disney World. Last year we became Disney Vacation Club members (DVC to those in the know) and this will be our second trip this year.
This trip will be something like my 23 or 24th trip to Disney since my first trip with my parents, sister and grandparents in 1978. I've truthfully lost track.
PJ took his first trip at 9 months old and Lion was there too though he was in utero at the time a peanut of only 3 months.
His first official outside the womb trip was when he was about a year old.
He LOVES Disney World hates the trip down there. The kid HATES to fly. Actually he doesn't hate to fly, what he hates is that he's not allowed to sit on mommies lap for the flight and that he has to wear a seatbelt.
Lordy does he hate that seatbelt.
He's flown up and back a total of 5 times now. Three were horrid and I feared they would kick us off the plane. The last two were AMAZING. He was fantastic, behaved, slept played, didn't hate on the poor seatbelt so much and mommy was thrilled.
Part of me hopes we've rounded a corner and this is the default flight behavior but I fear that it isn't.
The PDD-NOS makes Lion so unpredictable. I can never tell you how he's going to behave from moment to moment.
I just read something that said if I bring a letter to the airline stating his disability that by law they must give me the first seat in the first row. hmmmmmmm....This seems too good to be true and so I'm now off to do some homework on this.
I'll see what I can find and report back

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