Monday, April 1, 2013


April is Autism Awareness month!!
We kicked it off with a serious bang around here.

Took the pups to Boot Camp today & though he appeared excited it quickly became clear Bri did not want to be there. (Not uncommon that his mood does not align with what he's feeling)
He got dark & broody & set his sights on Patrick. (Also not uncommon) hitting him, yelling at him, telling him he wished he didn't have a brother & eventually escalated to biting him on the back. (A behavior I thought we were done with) it was a very rough morning that came to a head with a super angry Bri yelling at a stranger on the street "ugly old lady get out of my way".

This is my life. It's not every day but on the days he gets like this he is completely unable to self regulate. He cannot calm himself down, has no self control & only wants to hurt everyone around him.

He cannot be reasoned with & I found myself this morning bopping back & forth between trying to get him to calm down & reassuring PJ that his brother did indeed love him.

These days come with no warning & have no way to resolve them a second before he is ready.

Boot Camp kicked my ass physically but Lion exhausted my soul today.

I do not think I can trust him at the 9am class tomorrow morning.

I will still make it to class but it will be the 8pm class tomorrow night.

Never a dull moment around here

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