Saturday, February 18, 2012

Got my hair did...

My pal Acey Slade who is one of the most bestest, most sweetest guys ever is living a duel life. He's a super talented musician and has now gone into the world of hair. Last April I went to him for a cut and then, as I typically do I got lazy and it took me almost a full year to go back. This time though, I wanted a drastic change. I wanted to go blonde and so we did. Spent an afternoon with him transforming my hair from this:
to this:
I love love love it.
It's my ultimate goal to get back to here:
which is a pure white platinum (and I'd even do the purple again).
We have to be careful though, or rather I have to sit on my hands because I HATE roots.

 I hate them like a cat  hates to take a bath. The second I see them, I want to cover them up and eliminate them. Let's be honest. If Kate Moss can't make them attractive, what hope do I have of not looking like total trash when they start to poke through?!
Of course, grabbing the peroxide and doing my own hair every week or two has serious consequences and I never want to rock this look ever again:
It should be noted that this photo was taken on my 17th birthday at Tavern on the Green. Classy bitches we were...

I need to learn to make peace with brown roots and understand that I will have to live with them.
I've made an appointment with Acey to do a touch-up in a month but I have a feeling I'm going to be calling him before that. (He actually told me if I need to move the appt a week in either direction to just call)

I'm so excited for my new hair!

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