Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sex Tapes

All these famous beautiful people are having sex tapes released and they are all bringing lawsuits and getting their panties in a bunch because the tapes are supposed to be private and personal.
Listen, I'm no prude, quite the opposite actually. I've done things that would singe most of your eyebrows right off and with all that behind me, and knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, these folks don't make tapes for private viewing only.
There is a LOT of dough to be made on porn and amateur porn that involves famous folk can pay REALLY REALLY well. Just an average jane or john can make a good nest egg with a webcam and a brave soul.
Don't tell me if someone waved a 7 figure number at these folks who are the living breathing cliche "no press is bad press" that they don't mock indignation but are quick to sign on the bottom line with Vivid Video...
If you make a home porn, you have to know there is the possibility that it's going to leak out and you will get massive press and make money off of it.
Most folks don't care if you have a sex tape floating around, it's not going to lower your box office ratings or TV ratings.
If anything, it's going to boost your website hits and make you a hot Google topic.
So do me a favor and get off your hind legs and stop with the fake outrage.
Sign on the dotted line and be proud of your performances!!

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