Saturday, August 14, 2010


Here we are in Disney World enjoying ourselves and having a delightful time.
It seems however my angel of a younger son has learned a new phrase while here.
"Shut the fuck up"
of course HE says
"Shut the fok up" but the intent is there.
Action has been taken both times we've heard him use it but last night he took it to a whole new level that I can admit here and to no one else it cracks me up.
The boys were all in the bathroom and Lion walked out. Mike told him he had to come back and wait for them.
Lion stamped back into the bathroom, put his hands on his hips and bellowed
Mike said it echoed around the room in slow motion.
He was horrified.
Now he's not of the thickest skin and smaller things that roll off my back mortify him.
This however, would have made me turn pale.
We punished him appropriately but unfortunately because of the PDD-NOS it doesn't sink in and the lesson is not learned.
This word and these phrases will pop up again.
I can't wait to see where and when.

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